Resources for Students

On this page you’ll find a round-up of links to resources that might be helpful to you as a student in on of my courses. There are also links to some popular philosophy podcasts and blogs and to some humorous sites that you might enjoy checking out.

Spring 2018 Courses
Phil 311 – Philosophy of Law
Phil 411 – Theories of Decision

Philosophical Encyclopedias
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Tips on Reading and Writing Philosophy
How to Read Philosophy – David Concepcion
Guidelines on Reading Philosophy – Jim Pryor
Analytical Reading Strategies – Jeff Maynes
Writing a Philosophy Paper – Jim Pryor

Managing Citations

Philosophy Podcasts
Philosophy Bytes
Philosophy Talk
The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps 

Philosophy Funnies
Existential Comics
Philosophy Humor from David Chalmers
The Philosophical Lexicon
An Introduction to Comedist Theology