I've taught courses in the philosophy of human rights, applied ethics, logic, philosophy of science, early modern philosophy, bioethics, and game theory, but my absolute favorite to teach is my introduction to philosophy course. There is nothing more exciting to me than drawing students into the grip of philosophical problems for the first time in their lives and helping them to develop the tools to fruitfully wrestle with those problems.

I draw them in by fostering an interactive atmosphere in my classroom. Students know from day one that it is a safe space in which  they can join me in a largely unscripted deliberative process. They're invited and encouraged to advance their own ideas, but also prepared to respond to challenges from their peers and their professor. My classroom is a place where mistakes are made, and where we work together to learn from them. It is a place where careful reflection on one's own beliefs is demanded. Most importantly, though, it's a community where students and professor explore questions together and learn from one another.


Here you can find my teaching portfolio, teaching statement, syllabi, and student evaluations from all of my previously taught courses.

Complete Teaching Portfolio (PDF)
Statement of Teaching Philosophy (PDF)

Courses Taught as Instructor of Record

George Mason University:
Philosophy of Law: Fall 2017 - Syllabus
Bioethics: Fall 2017 - Syllabus

Gettysburg College:
Contemporary Moral Issues: Spring 2016 - Syllabus, Evals
Critical Thinking: Spring 2016 - Syllabus, Evals

Johns Hopkins University:
Philosophy of Human Rights: Fall 2017, Fall 2015, Summer 2014 - Syllabus, Evals
Philosophy of Sport: Summer 2017 - Syllabus, Evals

George Washington University:
Contemporary Issues In Ethics: Fall 2015 - Syllabus
Introduction to Philosophy: Spring 2015, Fall 2014, Spring 2014 -  Syllabus, Evals

Goucher College:
Logic: Fall 2013, Fall 2012, Spring 2012  - Syllabus, Evals

United States Naval Academy:
Philosophy of Science: Fall 2011 - Syllabus, Evals

Courses Taught as Teaching Assistant
Introduction to Moral Philosophy: Spring 2015
Introduction to Bioethics: Fall 2014, Fall 2013, Fall 2012 - Section SyllabusEvals
Decisions, Games, and Social Choice: Spring 2014
Introduction to Early Modern Philosophy: Spring 2013 - Section Syllabus, Evals
History of Modern Psychology: Spring 2014, Spring 2013